Storage Detail


  1.       NAS that does not require to use Fiber Switch.
  2.       Allows users to interact with the APP of the NAS (File Server / Video Surveillance Application / Audio Streaming / Video Streaming / Help Desk / WebERP, )
  3.       Backup of automatic end clients / it is possible to integrate it into Active Directory and has 1,500 applications.
  4.       Based 100% Linux / Unix internal technology
  5.       Use Intel components.
  6.       It has bays for multiple discs, being able to use any size of existing discs in the market.
  7.       No licensing is required for growth, which allows a much lower ROI.
  8.       Integrates with any hypervisor platform, in addition to bringing yours, which avoids the cost of extra licenses for virtualization.
  9.       It allows to divide the Storage for virtualization: 50% HiperBin / 50% Vmware
  10.       Allow in the same Storage to allocate disk bays for specific fixes.
  11.       They support All Type disc. What does not tie you to a specific type of disc.
  12.       In the same box you can use different types of arrangements.
  13.       It has Internal redundancy in the Operating System.
  14.       It has redundancy in multiple disk arrays.
  15.       It has redundancy in the network cards.
  16.       It has redundancy in power sources.
  17.       It has Remote Real Time Replication (RTRR) without the need for licensing.
  18.       It has an internal battery that lasts 20 min before power failures.
  19.       It has an API interface for handling the NAS.
  20.       It has App’s Center.
  21.       The Administration Interface is extremely simple and friendly
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