Fire Detections and Alarms

Fire Detections and Alarms

– Automatic detectors

  • Fire detectors are the foundation of virtually all fire protection systems. However, this does not mean all detectors are the same. On the contrary, the requirements for reliably detecting fires vary as greatly as the application areas themselves: Fire detectors analyze the surrounding air to identify elements of fire, such as smoke, heat or carbon monoxide.

– Addressable modules intelligently connect and control detectors and peripherals

  • Addressable modules intelligently connect independent, potential-free make or break contacts. Two kinds of addressable modules are available: input modules and input/output modules. Input modules monitor devices responsible for alarm inputs and confirm signals or technical states etc. The input lines are monitored for open and short circuits. Addressable modules can be independently configured via a fire control panel for status or alarm messages. The input/output modules reliably control other equipment, such as door holders, fire dampers, smoke control systems, plant shutdown etc. Whatever the need, our fire protection systems provide the ideal addressable module.

– Firetrace Direct Release Systems

  • Our direct release systems utilize heat and flame sensitive Firetrace Detection Tubing as a detection device and for suppressant delivery.

– Fire Extinguisher

  • The fire extinguishers are portable elements destined to the fight against incipient fires, or principles of fires, which can be dominated and extinguished in brief form. There are also several types of extinguishers, each extinguisher is identified for the types of fires that serve.  The fire extinguishers are an ideal tool to fight a fire at the beginning, with them we can prevent a fire from spreading and becoming a dangerous fire.
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